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Mysterious Petroglyphs At Pohnpaid May Reveal The Secrets of Life

Mysterious Petroglyphs At Pohnpaid May Reveal The Secrets Of Life. While residing on the small Pacific island of Pohnpei in the 1990s, Carole Nervig discovered that a recent brush fire had exposed hundreds of previously unknown petroglyphs carved on gigantic boulders. This portion of the megalithic site called Pohnpaid was unknown even to Pohnpei’s state historic preservation officer. The petroglyphs were unlike others from Oceania, so Nervig began investigating and comparing them with petroglyphs and symbols from around the world.In this fully illustrated exploration, Nervig documents her discoveries on Pohnpei, revealing how the archetypal symbols of the Pohnpaid petroglyphs have exact counterparts in other ancient cultures and universal motifs throughout the world, including the Australian Aborigines, the Inca in Peru, the Vedic civilization of India, early Norse runes, and Japanese symbols. She provides evidence that Pohnpaid is closely related to—yet predates—neighboring Nan Madol and shows how Pohnpaid was an outpost of the sunken Kahnihmuesio, a city of the now-vanished civilization of Mu, or Lemuria. In this episode Carole Nervig will Discuss the archaeo-astronomical function of the Pohnpaid stones. She will also share how many of the glyphs symbolize celestial phenomena and clearly reveal how their creators were sky watchers with a sophisticated understanding of astronomy, geophysics, geomancy, and engineering. We will discover how the scientific concepts depicted in the petroglyphs reveal how the citizens of Mu had a much deeper understanding of the living Earth than we do, which gave them the ability to manipulate natural forces both physically and energetically. Please listen in and learn how the Mysterious Petroglyphs At Pohnpaid May Reveal The Secrets Of Life.
The author, Carole Nervig, has written a fascinating book on this subject. She has spent more than four decades researching Micronesian traditional culture and oral history as well as the sacred sites of Micronesia and Hawai’i. She first moved to Micronesia as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1969. In the 1990s she discovered a previously unknown megalithic portion of the Pohnpaid petroglyphic site on the Micronesia island of Pohnpei. Creator of the Nan Madol Foundation, she now lives in Ecuador. You can buy her book, The Petroglyphs of Mu.

Hope and Heartbreak of Angel Island

The Hope And Heartbreak Of Angel Island Immigration Station

For hundreds of thousands of Asian Angel Island Immigration Station was a place of hope and heartbreak.


The Human Struggle To Find Spirit, Purpose and Meaning.

Harmony of body, mind and soul produces wellness and can lead to the discovery of spirit, purpose and meaning.


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Earth’s Biodiversity Is In Danger of Collapse

earth's biodiversity is in danger of collapse

Airing September 4, 2022

Earth’s biodiversity is in danger of collapse. According to the campaign for nature, “The natural world is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. The loss of nature poses a grave threat to our clean air and drinking water, the survival of wildlife, the prosperity of communities, and nature’s ability to protect us from natural disasters, future pandemics, and other intensifying impacts of climate change. The twin crises of climate change and the rapid loss of biodiversity threaten the very existence of humanity on Earth.”

The Campaign for Nature is a partnership of the Wyss Campaign for Nature and the National Geographic Society. It works with partners worldwide to champion the ambitious, science-driven, global goal to protect at least 30% of the planet by 2030, a target to be agreed on at the 15th Conference on the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2022.
Specifically, the Campaign for Nature is calling on world leaders to: help mobilize financial resources to ensure protected areas are properly managed and approach biodiversity conservation in a way that fully integrates and respects Indigenous leadership and Indigenous rights.

On this episode we are joined by Brian O’Donnell. Brian is the executive director of The Campaign For Nature. For more than two decades, Brian has been a leading land and wildlife conservationist. He helped build international support for a global target of protecting at least 30% of the earth’s land and seas by 2030. Brian helped organize a High Ambition Coalition of more than 95 countries to support the campaign’s goals. Today we will be talking about this ambitious worldwide effort to protect 30% of the earth’s biodiversity by the year 2030. The Campaign For Nature is at the forefront of advocating for this ambitious effort because they recognize that the earth’s biodiversity is in danger of collapse.

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