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We Need To Be Saved From Ourselves To Make Covid19 Vaccines Effective

With all of the promise of a covid 19 vaccine it appears we need to be saved from ourselves to make Covid19 Vaccines Effective. Doctor Y Bruce Lee is a writer,[…]

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Do Police Belong On Public High School Campuses?

In many public high schools all across America police are present on campus. This has led many criminal justice reform advocates to ask, do police belong on public high school[…]

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How Do The Miracles of Jesus Compare to Scientific Discoveries

Almost a decade ago the Higgs Boson, once referred to as the God Particle, was discovered at CERN. In this podcast we ask one of the leading researchers at CERN,[…]

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The Covid Vaccine is Here.  How Far Away is Normalcy?

Coming January 31, 2021

Dr. Bruce Y Lee will return to give an update on the vaccines that are now available. He will clear up some mis information that is circulating out there and answer questions about the vaccines safety.


Next up is cyber security expert, Dom Nessi. Mr. Nessi was formerly the chief information officer at the US National Park Service and most recently has been involved with airport cyber security. He will talk about the recent cyber hack of many US facilities and their impact.

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