Who We Are

Lifeisastorypodcast  tells stories from our journey through life. We invite people from all walks of life and backgrounds to share their stories that inspire and reveal the extraordinary in the ordinay and that will reveal a truth in each listener. The podcast invites everyday people to submit their stories and each month a person will be chosen to join Don to tell their story. You can submit an audio file of your story on our website here
Don has been a medical research assistant at the Salk Institute, a park ranger, director of California Sate Parks and deputy director of the U.S. National Park Service. He has traveled the world representing the United States on the World Heritage Commission. Don is the author of several books: “Love Vignettes”, a collection of love sonnets; “Beth”, a coming of age story of a young girl; and several children’s books. The podcast is co-hosted by Don’s youngest daughter, AP. AP, short for Anna-Paula, has a MSc in psychiatry from Kings College, London. She grew up hearing her father’s stories around the campfire and knows the power of story telling.