Author: Don Murphy

California Is On The World Stage Saving The Earth’s Biodiversity

California is on the world stage saving the earth’s biodiversity this past week at the international biodiversity summit in Montreal, Canada. The countries agreed to protect 30% of the earth’s biodiversity by the year 2030. Leading the United States is the state of California, which has put forward an ambition plan called, Pathways to 30×30.…
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Managing The Threats To Biodiversity

For decades environmental groups, Non Government Organizations and scores of government agencies have been managing the threats to biodiversity. We often hear of the projects to save the elephants or the pandas and now huge projects seek to clean the ocean from millions of tons of plastic pollution. However there are many projects small and…
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Earth’s Biodiversity Is In Danger of Collapse

Earth’s biodiversity is in danger of collapse. According to the campaign for nature, “The natural world is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. The loss of nature poses a grave threat to our clean air and drinking water, the survival of wildlife, the prosperity of communities, and nature’s ability to protect us from natural disasters, future…
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Protecting And Restoring The Most Endangered Rainforest On Earth

Protecting and Restoring The Most Endangered Rainforest On Earth is key to preventing the extinction of the Capuchin Monkey

Mysterious Petroglyphs At Pohnpaid May Reveal The Secrets Of Life

A drought cause wildfire on the usually very wet island of Pohnpei revealed undiscovered petroglyphs that may reveal the secrets of life on Earth.

Are High Achievers Really Successful?

Dr. Ruth Gotian is the Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology and former Assistant Dean of Mentoring at Weill Cornell Medicine. She will join us to discuss the question, are high achievers really successful. Dr. Gotian is also Executive Director of the Mentoring Academy at Weill Cornell Medicine. She has been…
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The Hope And Heartbreak Of Angel Island Immigration Station

For hundreds of thousands of Asian Angel Island Immigration Station was a place of hope and heartbreak.

The Human Struggle To Find Spirit, Purpose and Meaning.

Harmony of body, mind and soul produces wellness and can lead to the discovery of spirit, purpose and meaning.

A Grueling 50 Rounds of Golf Scores Big For Clean Water

A Grueling 50 Rounds of Golf Scores Big For Clean Water. Despite millions of dollars spent on well meaning efforts access to clean water is still a problem for millions. That has not deterred Clay Phillips from giving it another effort. Philips plans to play 50 rounds of golf in 50 states in just 50…
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Rewards and Dangers of Cave Diving Exploration

Cave diver, Brian Starnes joins us to talk about his experiences with the rewards and dangers of cave diving exploration in caves all over the world.  Brian was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his cave diver training in 2014 and is now on the way to becoming a Full Cave Instructor. What does…
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