Create Your Unforgettable Password

Create you own unforgettable password creation algorithm.  Here’s how it works.

  1. Choose your account for say, social media, bank or whatever you need a password for.  Example Twitter(your account)
  2. To create the password start with the upper case of your initials, in my case DM
  3. Next choose a phrase you won’t forget; example: I love my spouse.
  4. Now replace every letter “I”(eye) with the number 1 and ever letter o with the number 0.
  5. Next add any character such as & 
  6. Conclude with reversing the first two letters of the account name.  In this example Twitter.

The password would be:  DM1l0vemysp0use&wt

You can make up any type of algorithm you like for your accounts so that you create a different password.  Once you choose your algorithm it will be easy to create your unforgettable passwords.  Give it a try.

Here’s another example using a different algorithm.

1. Chime account.

2. Use the initials of a close friend, child, or sibling.  In this case I will use the initials of one of my daughters. SD.

3. Choose your unforgettable phrase: Peace on Earth.

4. Next replace each “a” with the number 5

5. Choose a character: in this case %

6. Next reverse the third and fourth letters of the account.

The password would be


If you use the same algorithm for each account you will always be able to remember your password.  Leave a comment and let us know how it works for you.

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