Horse Guided Empowerment

Horse Guided Empowerment

Christina Marz shares her experience treating pandemic anxiety with horse guided empowerment. Christina is a systemic family counselor, certified trauma specialist and the founder of Horse Guided Empowerment, a method for holistic therapy with a herd of horses. She teaches the method all over the world and has certified practitioners in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Christina lives with her three homeschooled sons and a herd of horses in Cotacachi Ecuador and while she focuses on spreading her method, she also works with underprivileged families in individual therapy.

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  1. Linda Cooper says:

    Exceptional interview! What service you both are offering. And Donald, I appreciate your interviewing style. You allow “space” for individuals to respond to your questions.

    And you and Christina Marz winnowed your way around the subject of home schooling very well. I’m so glad we were able to give our daughter the opportunity to attend what was probably the first charter school in California. Since volunteering one day a week was a requirement, we both worked part time to make this happen. I understand this is not easy for a lot of parents.

    Thank you both!

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