Mysteries Of Easter Island Continue To Boggle The Mind

Mysteries Of Easter Island Continue To Boggle The Mind

The Mysteries of Easter Island continue to boggle the mind. The islanders, however, prefer to call it by its Polynesian name, Rapa Nui or Te Pito o Te Tahiti. The mystery is rooted in the iconic stone statues called moai. People continue to wonder how the statues were made and who made them. Even though archeologists have answered some questions, mysteries still remain. For example, no one really knows how the statues were moved from the quarry where they were made to locations throughout the island. Theories have been advanced and experiments conducted but scholars still can’t agree.

Rapa Nui Native Islander Josie Nahoe Mulloy

In our next episode Josie Nahoe Mulloy will join us to discuss the mysteries of Easter Island that continue to boggle the mind and attract tourists to the island from around the world.  Josie will share her family history and ancestry.  She will let you know how you can visit the island and get the most out of your visit.  The Island is a World Heritage Site and much of the island is protected in Rapa Nui National Park.  It is called an open air museum. It is one of the most remote Islands in the world. The island was settled by Polynesians, most likely from the Pitcairn and Gambier Islands. Scholars believe the island was settled between 700 and 1000 A.D. Original settlers of the island traveled more than 2000 miles to establish a new colony.

Proficient sailors, the first inhabitants sailed to the island in double-hulled canoes especially built for long voyages. They found a heavily forested island with plentiful resources. Today, most of those resources have been depleted and years of sheep grazing have severely changed the natural environment. Despite these changes mysteries abound as recorded in many of the island’s petroglyphs and of course the iconic moai statues.

Please join us on the podcast and learn from Josie Nahoe Mulloy, a direct descendent of the ancient Rapanui, why the mysteries of Easter Island continue to boggle the Mind. You can also learn more at The Easter Island Foundation.

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  1. Kay Sanger says:

    Thank you, Don, for this informative and fascinating podcast about Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Josie Nahoe Mulloy is so knowledgeable and gave us plenty of insight into the life and prehistory of the island. I hope all your listeners will travel to Easter Island when it opens up again and be sure to hire a well-educated Rapanui guide like Josie to help you appreciate Rapa Nui history and culture.

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