Policing and American Racism

Policing and American Racism

Host Don Murphy and his co-host Anna Murphy explore stories about policing and American racism. They also tackle the confederate flag problem.   Joining Don on the podcast are former California State Park Ranger Peace Officers, Steve Treanor and Rich Rojas.  Steve and Rich share their stories as police officers highlighting the differences between police officers as guardians versus warriors. They describe the need for police reform.  Don concludes with a story of how policing and American racism came together and almost ended his life.

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9 Responses

  1. David Pryor says:

    Thank you Don and Anna for this excellent, timely piece. I appreciate the State Park Guardian perspective, one we grew up with. Great to hear your voice again. Do keep your up your story telling.

  2. Richard Rojas Sr. says:

    Don & Anna- Another great podcast! Thank-you for inviting Steve & I to participate in your conversation on the very important & relevant conversation on policing & impacts of racism in America. As Americans, we can and must do better. And telling and sharing stories through our individual life prisms is a great start!

  3. Syd Brown says:

    Thank you, Don and Anna. Your voices and stories are so appreciated!

  4. Syd Brown says:

    Thank you, Don and Anna. Your voices and stories are appreciated!

  5. Linda Cooper says:

    Regarding policing in California State Parks, I witnessed the increase of weapons after 9/11 for State Park Rangers.

    • Don Murphy says:

      The increase in weapons is always rooted in fear. Unfortunately there are times when such fear is justified, but usually the fear becomes self fulfilling prophecy. Thank you for your comment my dear friend. Many hugs to you and Victor.

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