Rewards and Dangers of Cave Diving Exploration

Rewards and Dangers of Cave Diving Exploration

Cave diver, Brian Starnes joins us to talk about his experiences with the rewards and dangers of cave diving exploration in caves all over the world.  Brian was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his cave diver training in 2014 and is now on the way to becoming a Full Cave Instructor. What does it mean to be a “full cave instructor”? Join to find out. Brian started technical diving at Protec Sardinia in 2017 and has continued to develop in technical diving ever since. He has lived and worked in Sardinia, Italy. Brian loves to travel and he has been traveling around the world since 2012. He has worked in several dive centers as an instructor and dive guide. He completed his Divemaster training in Utila, Honduras and passed his diving instructor training in November 2017 in Thailand. After reaching the limits of scuba diving, he entered technical diving. He also worked in Mexico/Tulum from 2014 – 2017 as Cenote Guide and Cave Guide. He has diving experience since 2012 visiting countries like Thailand, Australia, Egypt, Israel, Ecuador, Honduras, USA and now Sardinia. He worked in Mexico as a cave guide and instructor and now spends much of his time in Ecuador. His main tasks at the moment are the training courses in the “Essential Tech”, “Sidemount” and “Cavern” areas. He is also a talented videographer and is responsible for the video department at Protec Sardinia. The rewards and dangers of cave diving exploration are not only enjoyed as a sport but provide scientific information about caves and often reveals new information about life deep within the earth where light never reaches.

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