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Everyone has a story, and we’d love to hear yours! We listen to every pitch and if we like yours, we might air it on Life Is A Story Podcast, or contact you to develop your story further. And don’t forget to tell us where you are located. We produce shows from all around the world.

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    Story Guidelines and Submission Parameters

    We want to hear your story, but we do have some submission guidelines and selection criteria that you need to understand before you submit it.


    ● Stories must be non-fiction and unpublished in any form
    ● Stories must be no longer than 8 minutes
    ● All rights to the story are retained by you
    ● The podcast reserves the right to rebroadcast the story, promote it on its social media pages, include it in a future anthology of Life is a Story Podcasts,
    ● Submissions must be in an mp3 audio file
    ● You will be notified by email if your story is chosen. We will review all submissions as quickly possible. Our response time will depend on the number of submissions received; however our goal is to respond within 30 days.


    ● Stories should be family oriented
    ● No explicit content
    ● Highlight family relationships, especially between fathers and daughters
    ● No self-help, psychological advice or religious stories unless they are an ancillary part of the story
    ● Highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary
    ● No poetry unless it is ancillary to the story like a daughter reading a poem to one or both of her parents
    ● Keep the stories simple, honest, heartfelt and thought provoking
    ● Listen to the podcast stories for clues as to what works.