Stories Of My Father And The Universe

Stories Of My Father And The Universe

Stories of my Father and the universe began with stories that my father told us as children that could be both comical and terrifying.  However, the stories that fascinated me the most were true stories about the sun the moon and the stars.  I would often ask my father unending questions about the wonders that I saw all around me.  In the 1950’s, long before Bill Nye the Science Guy or Neil deGrasse Tyson, my father seemed to have all the answers.  Years later I wondered how a country preacher could know so much about the universe.  Stories of my father and the universe will remain with me forever.  In this episode I share how my father’s answers to my questions led to a lifelong love of science.  And, in our second story I share how my Mother’s love of Sunset Magazine led us on many adventures to Mexico.


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