Take a Hike

Take a Hike

In our third episode we begin with the story of a tyrannical school lunchtime monitor and what happened when once again the devil got into our storyteller and he ended up insulting the faculty showoff.  We conclude our storytelling with an epic hike taken by Don Murphy, former directory of California State Parks and his family along the John Muir Trail shortly after his father died.

Don concludes this episode by discussing E.O. Wilson’s book, Biophilia, and how it describes in part how nature can heal the body, mind and spirit; as well as Frederick Law Olmsted’s report to the the California Legislature in 1865, Yosemite and the Mariposa Grove.  In the report Olmsted also invokes the healing and rejuvenating powers of the natural environment.  You don’t want to miss this insightful discussion.

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  1. Judith Taylor says:

    Eating ice cream from a little cardboard tub with a little wooden paddle really took me back. Every time I would chew the paddle after I had finished eating and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant flavor but it never stopped me from doing it.

  2. Judith Taylor says:

    I agree. Nature is so healing for ones heart and soul.

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