The Human Struggle To Find Spirit, Purpose and Meaning.

The Human Struggle To Find Spirit, Purpose and Meaning.

Amist world turmoil the human struggle to find spirit, purpose and meaning for a life of peace, health and wellness continues. Deep within the core our beings we all question why we are here. We want to know what does it all mean. We seek to know our purpose on this planet.

Cosmologists search the heavens for answers. How did life begin? What is our purpose in the grand scheme of things. Physicists at CERN probe subatomic particles in an attempt to peel back the skin of the metaphorical onion in hopes to find answers to life’s deepest questions.

Others turn to religion for answers. There are thousands of religions, sects, cults, systems of belief and world views all vying to give answers. Some do it with the best of intentions, while others seek to profit from the human quest for spirit, purpose and meaning.

On this episode of Life Is A Story We Tell Ourselves, we are joined by Oluwatobiloba Black who will help us explore the continuing human struggle to find spirit, purpose and meaning.

Oluwatobiloba AKA Tobi Black comes from Yorubaland in Nigeria. She’s an initiated Ifa and Osun Priestess, a yogi and certified yoga teacher. She works as a priestess, healer and holistic health guide. She believes that living a true spiritual life can bring about health and wellness which in turn brings peace and happiness. 

She has travelled to over 50 countries mostly in search of health, meaning, and purpose. With the help of natural and holistic medicines and professionals, she cured herself of clinically diagnosed chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety, Hashimoto, and digestive issues.

Oluwatobiloba Black has a wealth of experience and knowledge, lives a holistic embodied lifestyle, teaches movement classes, mindfulness practices, passionately speaks and write about natural alternative and holistic health, and she creates personalised holistic health programs. She is passionate about healing, helping people make conscious decisions about their healing journeys, and to live with clarity. 

Oluwatobiloba Black holds double masters in computer security & forensics with a distinction. She continuously studies psychology, philosophy, human behavior, traditional and ancestral wisdom and medicines, Ifa, Isese, Shamanism, movement, meditation, sacred geometry, holistic and natural health, and mindfulness.

Her life’s journey has led her to experience the connection between health, wellness and spirituality.

You can follow Oluwatobiloba on instagram: @queenoluwatobiloba1

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