Vaccine Information That Could Save Your Life

By clicking on the links below you will find the latest vaccine information that could save your life including:

What is mRNA – Here you will find a brief and fun video explaining both DNA and RNA, their differences, structure and function and why RNA is just as important as DNA.

History of mRNA – This is a detailed scientific paper that explains the history of the discovery or RNA and how the RNA platform developed for use as a vaccine. If you want to understand the real science behind RNA this is a must read.

mRNA Vaccine – Here you will find information specific to the mRNA vaccine.

How The Vaccines Are Developed – This link will will take you to a discussion of vaccines are developed and tested for safety.

Vaccine Safety – Everyone wants to know if vaccines are safe and especially if there are serious side effects they should know about. This link will talk about vaccine safety.

Where Can I Get Vaccinated/Covid19 Vaccine Safety – Here you will find more on vaccine safety and how to find out where you can get vaccinated.

Vaccine Myths and other vaccine information – The advent of the internet has been a blessing and a curse. The curse had led to a plethora of false, misleading and sometimes deadly misinformation. This link from the Mayo Clinic seeks to dispel many of the myths about vaccines in general and Covid19 vaccines in particular.

We hope you will find these links helpful and informative; this is vaccine information that could save your life.